Being Billy Apple

Billy Apple the man, the artist, the brand.

Since the 1960s this iconic individual has been turning the art world on its head.

In the early days of pop art and during the birth of the conceptual movement Billy Apple created works that were original, challenging, and controversial.

From New Zealand to the Royal College of Art in London and his own Gallery in New York Billy Apple was part of a generation that pushed the boundaries of what it meant to be an artist.

Along the way he created a brand that may one day end up on supermarket shelves.

Directed and produced by: Leanne Pooley
Spacific Films 2008

Watch Being Billy Apple below – Video on demand Vimeo or use this link.


from Spacific Films on Vimeo.

Or Watch a video excerpt from Being Billy Apple Television, 2007 (Documentary) NZ Onscreen if the video embedded below isn’t viewable on your browser or device.

“Director Leanne Pooley (The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls) follows Apple’s life, and looks at his role in the global development of conceptual art. This opening excerpt from the 70-minute documentary explodes with the energy of the 1960s art scene from which Apple emerged — before showing Apple debating with Pooley over whether his face should even be seen on-screen.”

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